How to Create Crisp Sunstars

Crisp sunstars can be created by choosing a small aperture.

When shooting into the sun or other light sources, you may notice that some of your images have a “sunstar” effect where visible rays of light stretch across your frame. This creates a very strong focal point and adds an entirely new dimension of interest to your image. For landscape photographers, a sunstar can add… 

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The Photographer’s Ephemeris is Changing

The new Photographer's Ephemeris web-based app.

I know many of you who read my eBooks and articles like to photograph the golden hours, which means that you probably use The Photographer’s Ephemeris: an invaluable program that shows you where and when the sun (and moon) will appear along the horizon line. Google has decided to discontinue Google Maps for Flash API, which… 

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Sky Replacement in Photoshop


I’d like to use my most recent photo of Good Harbor as an opportunity to discuss sky replacement in Adobe® Photoshop, which has become increasingly popular for landscape photographers. When I came across this scene, I instantly felt a connection and knew this was going to be my photograph for the evening. However, the sky… 

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Good Harbor Beach


When I arrived to Good Harbor Beach, it was only a matter of moments before I found the composition I wanted. This house sits prominently on the ledge, and the setting sun provided some fantastic golden hues along the coastline. Layers of vibrant grass and textured rocks easily became my foreground as I raced the… 

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Exposure Blending Tutorial: Why Autobracket Your Landscape?

By autobracketing and combining different exposures in Photoshop, you can recover any lost detail.

Exposure blending is a revolutionary digital darkroom technique that will assist you in overcoming the limitations of your camera and capture a scene with the full tonal range you witnessed in the field. This is a common challenge for any area of photography, but landscape photographers find this especially difficult since we typically can not… 

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Exposure Blending Tutorial: The Autobracket Workflow

Exposure bracketing example images.

The success of your exposure blending is entirely dependent on how accurately you autobracket your scene. Exposure blending is a method of recovery and can not create a stunning photo for you, but it can greatly improve what you have already photographed. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to autobracket the correct way so you… 

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