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The Book

I designed my book with simplicity in mind, allowing my photos to be the focal point. Most images are complimented by famous inspirational quotes about nature and the changing of seasons; ones that speak to me. There are 80 pages that display my best photographs of coastal Maine spanning over three years, and includes some of the most serene and beautiful locations – Harpswell, Reid State Park, and Acadia National Park, to name a few. Each individual page is 13 x 11 inches, so this is a true high-end coffee table book offering large and incredibly detailed photos.

*NOTE – The color and contrast of the images below are slightly skewed from the late afternoon light….in person, the book is much more like the Blurb preview above.

The Pages

I decided to not spare any expense when creating my book. The pages in my book are gallery quality, using ProLine Pearl photography paper. This offers saturated images with a true dynamic range – meaning that the colors are deep and vibrant. The paper itself is heavier and more substantial than those of most photography books, and allows for each image to stand out and not be affected by photos on the other side of the page showing through.

The hardcover of the book is wrapped with a rich, oatmeal-colored linen. The weaving is very intricate and adds additional protection underneath the dustcover – and it also adds a unique look.

To learn more about Blurb ProLine books like mine, click here.

I am thrilled to offer my work in a high-quality book like this. To see all 80 pages worth of images, make sure to flip through the Blurb Book preview at the top of this page, or just click here.

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